Since 1996, C.A. Pigiste Inc., a specialized agency of professional consultants, C.A., C.M.A and C.G.A. working in the area of the accounting and finance, offers the services of consultants on a temporary basis for short or long term assignments. (see: List of services)  Since its inception, the Agency has served professional accounting firms by providing qualified, competent and experienced resource persons to assist them in meeting their clients’ mandates within the expected deadlines.


Over the years, the name C.A. Pigiste Inc. has circulated in many varied businesses and government Institutions and Agencies. We have become their agency of choice to respond to their professional accountant needs.


Founded and led by a chartered accountant, we have the advantage of understanding the needs and priorities of our clients in a forthright manner, and when appropriate can even offer solutions and an alternative proposal for temporary or permanent professional accounting resources.


C .A. Pigiste Inc., offers access to a large pool of experience and knowledge, with its professionals having between 2 and 25 years of experience, dealing with a broad range of business sectors and diverse  operational situations such as expansion, merger, acquisition, crisis management...


Although located in Quebec (Canada), we work in all regions of the world.