Achievement of daily functions


· Temporary replacement as Vice President Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Controller…:

o          maternity leave or in the event of illness

o          interim prior to hiring of a full time resource after a sudden departure

                 In order to liberate existing staff to perform a special project



Achievement of special mandates


· Achievement of internal audit mandates

· Support to External Auditors

· Mandates entrusted by the External Auditors to Internal Auditors pursuant to CAS610 of the Canadian CPA handbook

· Due diligence

· Sarbanes-Oxley Consultant

· Conversion to IFRS

· Implementation computerized accounting systems

· Reengineering of administrative processes

· Development system cost

· Financial analysis

· Taxation—preparation of corporation taxes including R&D



Support in the recruitment of permanent staffing of accounting and financial functions within the enterprise


· Assessment and definition of needs

· Employment offer publication

· Pre-screening candidate applications

· Conducting interview process

· Hiring negotiation




Duration of mandates:                           according to the need, from a few days to several months


Pricing:                                                       based on the skills required


Area geographical served:                    Premier market, province of Quebec, Canada, however we   deploy Consultants all over the world.